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Downloading GCL

Step 1

You can download GCL from I recommend using the ANSI installer found here:

Step 2

Once you have downloaded GCL, install it into a directory of your choosing. Next we must configure GCL to work with LispIDE.Net.

Configuring GCL

Step 1

If you installed GCL in the default install directory, skip to Step 2. If you chose your own install directory for GCL, you have to modify the path of the GCL in gcl1.bat. To do this, locate gcl1.bat in the bin directory of the GCL install location.
For example, on my computer, I installed GCL in "C:\GCL-ANSI".

You must then open the bin directory and open both gcl.bat and gcl1.bat in notepad. Copy the appropriate paths from gcl.bat to gcl1.bat.


gcl1.bat (after being modified)

After modifying gcl1.bat, save your changes and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Start LispIDE.Net and select Settings->Set Lisp Path.

Step 3

Browse to the bin directory in the GCL install folder and select gcl1.bat.

Step 4

Click "Open". The GCL REPL should now start in the "Lisp Pipe" window.


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