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Bug report: crash on exit (Win XP only)


This error also happened with the original LispIDE. I am using it with CLISP 2.49 and when LispIDE closes, it always produces a crash on process "lisp.exe" (NOT "clisp.exe"), unless I manually close CLISP with (quit) before exiting LispIDE.

This crash does not happen under Windows Vista. Not sure about other Windows.
Attached is a screenshot of the error dialog, and the extended information they show. It won't let me copy the debug and stack data at the right dialog, though.

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carra wrote Mar 8, 2013 at 1:02 PM

I should add a few things:
  • The same error also happens in-program, when the "restart lisp" button is pressed
  • My version of LispIDE.Net is unclear: The download said 1.1.1, but the about dialog reports 1.1.3382.32424
  • I have found out that "lisp.exe" is part of CLISP. However, it never crashes when opening CLISP alone, only through LispIDE pipe
  • A couple of times, when the "lisp.exe" crash happens, I've had LispIDE itself crash too.

carra wrote Mar 9, 2013 at 12:39 PM

UPDATE: I was wrong. The crash DOES happen under vista too. On old LispIDE it never happened on Vista, but on LispIDE.Net it does.